DIBI MILANO presents its first multi-action body treatment with a detox effect, which acts on the appearance of the 4 main body imperfections: cellulite, widespread and localized body fat, and heavy legs.*

For a reshaped silhouette, with skin that is more supple and the contours molded and refined, and with fat deposits and the appearance of cellulite reduced in 4 weeks*.

DIBI MILANO introduces Macatrix, the advanced active ingredient with triple reshaping action:

– it encourages the degradation of widespread and localized body fat by stimulating lipolysis;
– improves the functionality of the skin microcirculation by draining excess fluids and detoxifying the tissues;
– refirms the dermal matrix, improving the appearance and texture of the skin.

Moreover, the advanced active ingredient delivery system, BEAUTY DRON, acts by stimulating the production of hyaluronic acid and releasing the functional active ingredient into the target cell without dispersing it.
Now you have an extra beauty ally: Cell Contour.

*Clinical and instrumental tests conducted on the DIBI MILANO CELL CONTOUR complete treatment + self-care products.