CELLULITE can occur in several stages, to be treated in a personalized and differentiated way.
EDEMATOUS CELLULIT appears when liquids and toxins accumulate in tissues. It is often linked to discomfort and heavy limbs. It is characterized by dimples and orange-peel skin, localized accumulations and structural sagging.
COMPACT CELLULITE generally appears on the buttocks, thighs and knees. It is characterized by a “hard” and grainy consistency and affects the deeper skin layers.
SOFT CELLULITE appears in the form of saggy, mobile and loose sponge-like tissue in the deeper skin layers,
frequently accompanied by stretch marks caused by the breaking of connective elastic fibers.
It mainly affects the thighs and arms and may result in a negative impact on the figure.

Targeted actions favor the elimination of liquids and toxins, reactivating venous and lymphatic circulatory function.
This gives elasticity and tone to the skin, stimulating the elastic component of the skin and weakening the fibrous subcutaneous structure making the tissues more compact.