Dry, dehydrated skin

An altered hydro-lipid film characterizes dehydrated skin along with the lack of substances capable of retaining moisture. These conditions cause an excessive loss of cutaneous water reserves, resulting in dry, wrinkled, flaky skin lacking elasticity.

Dehydration and imbalance of water in the epidermis are the primary cutaneous manifestations with the passing of time. This phenomenon often brings about the formation of wrinkles, even at a young age, and is often accompanied by dullness.

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An action aimed at bringing back the correct level of hydration to the skin and reactivating the natural mechanisms of cutaneous self-hydration; offering a true hydration reserve, both superficial and profound, with progressive and prolonged release.


Depending on skin type, complete your standard treatment using BASE PERFECTION cleanser for all skin types or FACE PERFECTION for more mature skin.