Mature skin with wrinkles

The primary cause of wrinkle formation is facial gestures. With each expression of the face, the continuous movement of the muscles causes a contraction and a relaxation of the skin. With time, this leaves a mark on the epidermis, since the facial muscles are no longer able to relax completely. Over the years, this results in a face marked with evident expression wrinkles.

The DIBI MILANO esthetic solution is FILLER CODE, a new cosmetic line with a filler effect


Complete your standard treatment with the most appropriate cleansing product, or try FACE PERFECTION the best cleanser for mature skin.

A cosmetic filler line that improves expression lines while respecting the authentic harmony of the face. Brand new multi-functional formulas target and treat all types of wrinkles: superficial, deep, and those caused by muscle contraction or stress, with an intense action on the three dimensions of a wrinkle (depth, extension, width) as well as time itself.