DIBI MILANO recreates its masterpiece: a high-impact night time treatment, a concentrated active ingredient formula, for intensive action against cellulite and fat*.
Extreme performance with higher potency, renewed dermo-cosmetic capsules: your new beauty secret.

A localized treatment, an intense concentrate of biotechnological active ingredients, for maximum action against the unsightly appearance of cellulite and body fat: “orange-peel” and “mattress” skin is minimized, the “fat-burning” process is accelerated and fat deposits are reduced.

Beautiful results:
After only one night, 2 out of 3 women perceive better, more uniform and beautiful skin **.
According to 98% of women, the skin regains firmness, elasticity and tone in 4 weeks ***.
According to 98% of women, innovation and comfort distinguish the capsule as a super practical and fast pack ***.

* Meaning the imperfections of cellulite.
** Clinical-instrumental tests conducted on the complete SYCNRONY EXTREME treatment.
*** Self-evaluation tests conducted on the complete SYNCRONY EXTREME treatment.

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