Dibi Milano presents Tonic Lifter

DIBI MILANO presents TONIC LIFTER, the new dermocosmetic body line with a state-of-the-art formula acting on 3 levels which are essential for a harmonious body: toning, lifting and rejuvenation.

The line is rich in Oxy-Driver, an active ingredient with a special, innovative structure: 10 carbon atoms, bound with 18 fluorine ones, transport vital molecular oxygen up to the deeper layers of the dermis, stimulating the production of collagen, elastin and fibronectin.
The pool of active ingredients with smart effectiveness consisting of Tonic Gum Complex; Vitamins E, C, B5 and PP; Coenzyme Q10 and Peptide n°12, carries out a triple action on the tissues: toning and reconstructing the skin’s supporting fibers; complete lifting, redesigning the structure of the skin; and pro-youth, counteracting the skin aging process.

The line consists of a personalized treatment tailored to the needs of your skin and two products to be used for your home beauty routine: the FIRMING TREATMENT FOR SPECIFIC AREAS and the FIRMING YOUTH CREAM.
A real winning combination, because the FIRMING TREATMENT FOR SPECIFIC AREAS enhances the results of the FIRMING YOUTH CREAM, for an exceptional synergistic action:
– TONICITY is improved by 100% after just 2 weeks*;
– FIRMNESS is improved by 80% after just 2 weeks*.

And what do our consumers think? Their words speak for themselves!
«The TONIC LIFTER products immediately leave my skin firmer and more toned»**
«I was won over by the fragrance of the FIRMING YOUTH CREAM» **
«Exceptional effectiveness of the FIRMING YOUTH CREAM»**
«I’m certain that I’d replace my usual body cream with the FIRMING YOUTH CREAM straight away»**

*Comparison of the results of the instrumental tests conducted on the use of FIRMING YOUTH CREAM by itself with those obtained with its use in combination with the FIRMING TREATMENT FOR SPECIFIC AREAS.
**Self-evaluation tests conducted on the combined use of FIRMING YOUTH CREAM and FIRMING TREATMENT FOR SPECIFIC AREAS for 28 days.