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My beauty is constantly evolving, but the DIBI MILANO method knows how to follow its changes. With innovative products and technologies, combined with the expertise of specialized beauticians, I can rediscover my true beauty every day.

The Group

ALFAPARF GROUP is an Italian multinational in the cosmetics industry founded by Roberto Franchina. The corporation works in the care of Hair, Face and Body with technological products and equipment, integrating Research and Development, Production, Distribution and Training.



ALFAPARF draws its inspiration from Italian creativity and the energy of the city of Milan to combine its ideas with the latest international trends.



  • 5 production facilities making more than 400,000 pieces per day
  • 20 branches and distribution in 100 countries
  • 2,000 employees and counting
  • 30.0000 beauticians
  • 300,000 hair stylists

The Values

Scientific method - Cloned in [int-es]

Our proven method allows us to objectively identify the aesthetic criticalities of face and body, defining a treatment strategy that guarantees real, fast and totally reliable results.

Research and development - Cloned in [int-es]

Our laboratories are committed every day to preparing advanced cosmetic formulas and developing equipment for professional aesthetics with cutting edge technology and very high innovation content.

Cutting edge technology - Cloned in [int-es]

The powerful synergy of the most advanced technologies for beauty, the result of constant innovation in aesthetics, guarantees maximum performance in full compliance with safety.

  - Cloned in [int-es]

High performance products - Cloned in [int-es]

Thanks to active ingredients selected and implemented through the most innovative and cutting-edge aesthetic formulations, all our products are developed with strict scientific standard to guarantee function and effectiveness.

Customised treatments - Cloned in [int-es]

Beauty procedures tailored to fully combat any type of imperfection, all created thanks to the expertise of our professionals, the only ones capable of understanding the skin’s real needs and taking care of them through targeted treatments.

Certified results - Cloned in [int-es]

Our collaboration with the most accredited Dermocosmetic Research Institutes guarantees the effectiveness, safety and absolute value of the aesthetic performance of our products.

On-going training - Cloned in [int-es]

Highly qualified teachers constantly train and update the owners and staff of beauty centres (over 5,000 Beauty Professionals every year) on the correct use of methods, products and technologies, with dedicated, theoretical and practical courses, to pass on technical-scientific notions at the highest levels.

The method

An exclusive approach with the customer.

Manual skills that infuse well-being and movements that stimulate the senses in a positive way make treatment a pleasant experience, to be repeated. The senses are reawakened, beauty is reborn.



DIBI MILANO treatments for face and body offer targeted answers to the real needs of the skin, offering consumers the correct solution and professionals in the sector a strategic business opportunity, in Italy and around the world.



A leader in the fight against imperfections, DIBI MILANO laboratories have created an exclusive method that guarantees real, fast and reliable results.

For each customer DIBI MILANO professional beauticians build a Personalised Beauty Project, thanks to the MDB ANALYZER, the technology that collects complete and reliable information on imperfections.

To increase and raise the effectiveness of aesthetic treatments, they use the DERMOPHORETIC SYSTEM, which enhances the bio-availability of the functional active ingredients contained in each cosmetic product.

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