Corpo Trattamento Cellulite Dibi milano


Counteracts the unsightly appearance of cellulite, so you can look and feel your best.

Discover the treatment

CELL REWIND treatments counteract every aspect of cellulite: reactivating microcirculation, helping to eliminate excess liquids, reducing “orange peel” skin, and weakening the nodules’ fibrous cells.

The products that make up each phase of this treatment are rich in Fosfo Glicell, an innovative, technologically advanced active ingredient extracted using a patented process.


It limits the action of metalloproteinases: enzymes that regulate the differentiation and formation of adipocytes. These enzymes are among the main causes of all the unsightly problems associated with cellulite.

The results

"*Clinical-instrumental tests performed on the complete DIBI MILANO CELL REWIND Draining Detox treatment + self-care products.
**Results of clinical assessments after 1 professional DIBI MILANO CELL REWIND Reducing Detox treatment.
**Results of self-assessments after 5 professional DIBI MILANO CELL REWIND Reducing Detox treatments.
  • Over 500 ml of extra-cellular water removed*.
  • 75% of women
    Improved microcirculation*.
  • 75% of women
    The appearance of cellulite was reduced*
  • 100% of women
    Immediately smoother skin**.
  • 80% of women
    experienced reduced “orange peel” skin***.
  • 95% of women
    found the treatment effective***.
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