Hydrating and nourishing creams


A hydrating and nourishing line suitable for all skin types in all weather conditions.

The properties of the product line

A hydrating and nourishing strategy that meets all the skin's needs. Suitable for all skin types, from normal to dry skin, in all weather conditions.
Suitable for young and mature skin alike, the line has been tried and tested by both men and women and delivers guaranteed hydration to all layers of the skin.

HYDRA PERFECTION boosts and maintains skin hydration while strengthening the hydrolipidic layer by delivering just the right amount of lipids to the stratum corneum.

The line's formulas have been tested at different temperatures and humidities to ensure they are suitable for all seasons, all climates and all countries around the world.

The line's cosmetic products are designed to fight problems associated with dehydrated skin.
The active ingredients guarantee: hydrated skin, a radiant, revitalised complexion. 

*Clinical-instrumental testing conducted on the HYDRA PERFECTION treatment.
**Clinical-instrumental testing conducted on the extreme Hydration Gel and Extreme Hydration Cream.


*Clinical and instrumental tests on 20 women after the first DIBI MILANO HYDRA PERFECTION treatment - assessed immediately after application.
** Self-assessment tests on 25 people.
*** Clinical and instrumental tests on Extreme Hydration Cream – measurements taken 30 minutes after product application.
  • +136%
    Hydration (53% on average)*. Water reserves replenished by more than 50%.
  • -22%
    Excess hydration reduced at high temperatures and humidities***.
  • 100% of users
    were extremely satisfied with the products**.