Modella trattamento anti adipe Dibi Milano


Re-shaping the body’s profiles for a more harmonious and slimmer figure.

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The SHAPE REFINE treatment reduces the visibility of imperfections caused by generalised and localised adipose tissue. The combined action of products, technology and professional experience limits the formation of new adipose build-up: your figure appears remodelled, your skin is elastic and the contours are defined.
The professional formulations of the line contain Lipo-Sculpt, a lipo-reducing active ingredient, which helps cell communication inside tissues and the lipolysis of fat deposits, it stimulates fat consumption and promotes the fat-burning process for energy purposes.



*Clinical-instrumental testing conducted on the DIBI MILANO SHAPE REFINE complete treatment + self-care products.
**Self-assessment results collected after 5 professional sessions combined with the use of DIBI MILANO SHAPE REFINE self-care products.
  • Efficiency tested on the reduction of centimetres on hips, belly and thighs*.
  • For 70% OF WOMEN
    it reshapes the silhouette*.
  • All of the women who tried the DIBI MILANO SHAPE REFINE treatment and line observed**:
    - a visible slimming effect
    - more elastic and compact, smoother and silkier skin
    - improved profile of legs, buttocks and hips.
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