Sebum-balancing cosmetics


10 business days to show off skin without any black or white heads.

The Action

The first professional cosmetic line by DIBI MILANO to specifically treat combination and oily skin and impure and acne-prone skin in a targeted and differentiated manner. A targeted procedure with a dual approach:

  • Phase IN, restoration of the internal balance of the microbial flora and of the lipid film;
  • OUT phase, reduction of external events such as imperfections, black and white heads and residual signs

Special cosmetic products with innovative textures and methods of use, designed specifically for skins that need special care. All the products of the line are NON-COMEDOGENIC*, that is they do not obstruct the sebaceous follicles with the consequent appearance of comedons (blackheads). The fragrance of all formulations is fruity, with notes of green tea.

*Test conducted on DIBI MILANO +24h mattifying Fluid Moisturiser and pH Control Acid Gel Cream. The non-comedogenic test shows that the products do not clog pores causing blackheads, they are therefore perfect for combination and blemished skin.

The results

* Clinical-instrumental testing conducted on the DIBI MILANO PURE EQUALIZER complete treatment + selfcare products.
**Clinical-instrumental testing conducted on the DIBI MILANO PURE EQUALIZER Purifying complete treatment + selfcare products.
  • In 85% of individuals:
    reduced pores, black and white heads*.
  • In 90% of individuals:
    reduced visibility of blemishes and imperfections**.
  • -21%
    Production of excess sebum*.
  • In 95% of individuals:
    mattified skin that is no longer shiny*.