Show off your legs.

What the line does

The DIBI MILANO Research and Development laboratories are revealing the new secret equation for rediscovering the beauty, the harmony of the body and the femininity of the legs. The result is CELL REWIND, a multi-functional body line:

  • Action against the imperfections of CELLULITE to fight the visible signs: orange peel, dimpled skin.
  • DRAINING action to reduce water retention, to improve microcirculation and relieve heaviness of the legs.
  • VASOPROTECTIVE action, to improve capillary strength.
  • PERFECTIONING action to improve the trauma to the skin, for soft and compact skin


The line has been designed specifically for the woman who does not want to give up on her ambitions and lives her beauty actively, day after day. 


*Clinical-instrumental testing conducted on the DIBI MILANO CELL REWIND complete treatment + self-care products.
  • For 75% OF WOMEN
    the visibility of cellulite-related imperfections decreased*.
  • For 95% OF WOMEN
    their skin was smoother*.
  • For 75% OF WOMEN
    the skin’s microcirculation improved*.