Biostimulating System Lab products


For future-proof, younger and healthier-looking skin.

How the line works

BIOSTIMULATING SYSTEM LAB  is the BIOSTIMULATING line of cosmetics by DIBI MILANO which promotes skin rejuvenation, rebalancing key molecules. 
This line of cosmetics strengthens the skin's resistance to the effects of ageing and oxidative damage: for future-proof, younger and healthier-looking skin. 


DIBI MILANO introduces Sonicated Hyaluronic Acid for the first time. 
A patented blend of 3 types of hyaluronic acid with different molecular weights, which hydrate and boost elasticity for fuller, tauter skin; an external filler effect improves wrinkles and blemishes, for an immediately smoother appearance;
restructuring effects stimulate the physiological functions of the skin's deeper layers.


All the products are formulated without preservatives and manufactured in a sterile environment.

The efficacy tests of Biostimulating System Lab

DIBI MILANO solutions guarantee real, visible results proven by effectiveness tests.

*In vitro testing performed on PDRN + VIT C + VIT PP Solution.
**In vitro testing performed on INTENSIVE BIOSTIMULATING PROTOCOL.
***In vitro testing performed on PURE SONICATED HA Solution.
****In vitro testing performed on VIT C 30% Solution.
  • +25% TYPE 1 COLLAGEN
    Provides the skin with structure and support*
  • +148,5% INVOLUCRINE
    Glycoproteins that bind to skin cells, filling in wrinkles**.
    Mediators expressed by fibroblasts in response to damaged skin**.
    Tested and proven through cellular renewal tests***.
  • +35% SIRTUINS
    Proteins responsible for the longevity of skin cells****.