Regenerating face cosmetics


Achieve your dermo-biotic objective with the face regenerating, repairing and corrective line.

The action

DIBI MILANO launches a new frontier in cosmetics: Dermobiotics, the secret of cellular longevity enclosed in the regeneration and repair mechanisms promoted by ‘skin-friendly’ bacterial flora.
The result? A new definition of beauty.

Procellular 365 is scientifically formulated for the re-generation and re-coding of the skin’s lattice.
A targeted solution for naturally fragile and sensitised skin, due to age, or as the result of aesthetic medicine treatments.

*Clinical-instrumental testing conducted on the DIBI MILANO PROCELLULAR 365 treatment + use of selfcare products.

6 actions:

  • Re-texturising, it helps skin cohesion;
  • Detoxifying, it helps eliminate toxins that are harmful to the skin;
  • Pro-life, it relaunches the natural mechanisms that favour cellular longevity;
  • Pro-Resilience*, it boosts the skin’s capacity to resist external aggressions and heal;
  • In preparation for aesthetic medicine procedures;
  • It strengthens the skin’s tissues. Suitable after aesthetic medicine procedures.


3 active ingredients:

  • Pre-Dibiotic, a strong selective nourishing prebiotic for the skin;
  • Matrikines, the peptides of youth;
  • Vitamin C, with its anti-age and anti-oxidant action.


5 results:

  • re-generates and re-codes the skin lattice
  • prolongs cellular longevity
  • neutralises toxins
  • protects with a ‘barrier effect’ 
  • ensures uniform and flawless skin.


*Self-assessment tests conducted on the DIBI MILANO Procellular 365 complete treatment + use of selfcare products.
**Clinical-instrumental testing conducted on the complete treatment DIBI MILANO Procellular 365 + use of selfcare products.
  • For 100% of women
    their skin is soothed, regenerated, stronger and protected*
  • For 100% of women
    the ‘tight skin’ effect disappears**
  • For 100% fo women*
    Nourished, compact and strong skin