Fisiotron Evo Plus

SKU AP000437
The evolution of the icon for DIBI MILANO body treatments.

Technologies properties

A complete method that offers a valid solution to all body imperfections.
Three distinct technologies in a single device:
ELECTROSTIMULATION: a compensated biphasic square wave that generates draining electrostimulation, aimed at venous and lymphatic drainage, and electromyostimulation to obtain a targeted contraction on certain muscle bundles.

THERMAL BODY: technology based on the alternating and sequential application of heating and cooling at a deep dermal and hypodermic level. Heating induced by a bipolar resistive radio frequency. Cooling is generated via exclusive thermoelectric systems (Peltier cells).

MECHANICAL MASSAGE: an effective compressive massage that acts on the connective tissue and the main muscle bundles.


Treatments to combat any type of body blemish:
  • Reduction of cellulite blemishes at all stages
  • Silhouette modeling with effective action on the adipose tissue
  • Toning and muscle development
  • Relaxing action on the muscles
  • Venolymphatic drainage with “light legs” effect
  • Tissue detoxifying action and increase in local metabolism
  • Improvement of tissue tone