A celebration of self-care and one’s figure.

What the line does

The greatest challenge for every woman is to like herself and love her body, because she is unique and generous and deserves pampering every day. DIBI MILANO celebrates self-care and one’s figure, and presents SHAPE REFINE, the new slimming* and modelling line, that redefines the body’s profiles for a harmonious and slimmer silhouette. To feel more confident, effortlessly and without giving anything up.

* Slimming due to remodelling cosmetic action that does not involve weight loss.


*Clinical-instrumental testing conducted on the DIBI MILANO SHAPE REFINE complete treatment + self-care products.
**Self-assessment results collected during and after the cycle of DIBI MILANO SHAPE REFINE treatments + the use of self-care products.
  • Efficiency tested on the reduction of centimetres on hips, belly and thighs*.
  • For 70% OF WOMEN
    it reshapes the silhouette*.
  • The SHAPE REFINE line keeps the promise of concrete and progressively better results. What do our consumers think? «After just 1 treatment the draining effect was evident, after the 5th treatment abdominal swelling was visibly reduced. At the end of the treatment period I noticed that my silhouette was remodelled with more elastic and hydrated skin». «My skin immediately felt softer and at the end of the treatment period my hips and thighs looked slimmer»**.