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Multifunction body technology. Infinite perfection for your body

Technologies properties

A MULTI-TASKING BODY tool that sculpts the body through the synergistic action of three different body technologies: RADIO FREQUENCY, VACUUM MASSAGE and VACUUM.
SHAPEDEFINE is a customizable body sculpting treatment with three handpieces and three different technologies.
VACUUM MASSAGE and VACUUM help drain fluids, detoxify tissue and reduce all stages of cellulite with a marked defibrosing effect.
RADIO FREQUENCY increases skin oxygenation, tone and elasticity.


The main physiological effects induced through the use of SHAPEDEFINE relate to the visible reduction of fibrous cellulite, "orange-peel" skin, improved skin tone and reduced fluid retention.
It also gives the skin a tight, oxygenated appearance.
The body is sculpted, excess weight is lost and cell metabolism is stimulated.