Dynamic Wave with Double wave System

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Acoustic Pressure Wave - The KO method for cellulite

Technologies properties

DYNAMIC WAVE WITH DOUBLE WAVE SYSTEM is the innovative Integrated System with double energy emission that produces Mechanical-Pressure Shock Waves thanks to the use of two specific handpieces:

  • Blue Wave
  • Red Wave.

The alternation of tissue compression and decompression causes three different targeted effects:

  1. Firms tissues up again by forming new collagen
  2. Stimulates surface microcirculation, improving tissue vascularisation and oxygenation
  3. Reactivates the cellular metabolism by stimulating the lymphatic system and promoting the elimination of toxins.


  • Reduces cellulite-related imperfections
  • Reduces the “orange peel” appearance of the skin
  • Firms tissues
  • Increases tissue elasticity.