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Integrated Multitech System for sculpting and shaping the body

Technologies properties

FISIOTRON uses 4 different energy emissions synergistically: Electrostimulation, Ultrasound, Microcurrent and Elastic Waves.

Thanks to the MULTITECH Integrated System, it offers the most effective solutions in the field of aesthetics, such as:

  • Deep muscle toning
  • Buttocks lifting and toning
  • Silhouette reshaping
  • Reduction of the panniculus adiposus
  • Reduction of cellulite-related imperfections
  • Reduction of oedema and venous and lymphatic drainage
  • Effective tissue toning


Women who have had the complete treatment reported being FULLY SATISFIED*** and have noticed:

  • less visible localised fat deposits in 85% of women*
  • an improved silhouette in 75% of women*
  • 1 litre less or more of extracellular water**

The results obtained are supported by clinical and instrumental efficacy tests and ultrasound tests.

* Clinical tests (measurements made after a complete cycle of 12 treatments).

** Instrumental tests (measurements made after a complete cycle of 12 treatments).

*** Self-assessment testing conducted on the complete Fisiotron treatment (12 sessions).