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Calm and soothe - Cloned in [it-it]


The blemish

Sensitive skin is thin, delicate, dry and flaky. This skin type is easily prone to reddening and irritation, due to a weakening of the natural protective barrier that makes it vulnerable to external aggressions.

The DIBI MILANO solution is to increase the skin's natural defences, countering capillary fragility, thanks to a soothing and moisturising aesthetic action.

This type of treatment helps reduce irritation: it inhibits inflammation, reduces redness, itching and vasodilation, and provides healthy skin.

It also provides the skin with a shield against external aggressions, repairing its natural protective barrier and preventing irritating agents from penetrating.

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Soothing - Cloned in [it-it]

A soothing strategy, to repair and protect sensitive and intolerant skin.

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