Corpo Cellulite Dibi milano



The blemish

COMPACT CELLULITE tends to affect individuals in good shape and with toned muscles.
It generally develops on the buttocks, thighs and knees. It is characterised by a ‘hard’ and grainy consistency that adheres to the underlying layers.


SOFT CELLULITE develops with a spongy tissue, saggy and mobile on the underlying layers, often accompanied with stretchmarks caused by the breakage of connective elastic fibres.
It mainly affects the thighs and arms, possibly compromising the figure.


DIBI MILANO offers a treatment to combat both types of cellulite described. The treatment protocols that are created promote the correct functioning of venous and lymphatic circulation, weakening subcutaneous fibrosis and re-compacting the tissues.
The treatment programme works by counteracting and attenuating the ""orange peel"" appearance, weakening the fibrous cells of micro- and macro-nodules.

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