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Purifying and Sebum‑balancing

Clear your skin of black heads, white heads, blemishes and excess sebum.

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It is the first professional cosmetic line intended to treat combination, oily and blemished skin prone to acne because, as we know, not all blemishes are alike. The combined action of the products and treatments at the aesthetic institute helps contribute to the natural mechanism of the skin’s functions, countering impurities and regulating the production of sebum.


Results of Purifying and Sebum‑balancing treatment

100% of women with combination or oily skin who have tried the treatment report that: the treatment is effective, their skin is mattified all day, the texture is more uniform, their skin is dry, fresh, soft and hydrated all day***.

The PURIFYING treatment has been tested on acne-prone skin, even of very young under-18s!

* Clinical-instrumental testing conducted on the DIBI MILANO PURE EQUALIZER Sebum-balancing complete treatment + selfcare products.
**Clinical-instrumental testing conducted on the DIBI MILANO PURE EQUALIZER Purifying complete treatment + selfcare products.
***Self-assessment test on the DIBI MILANO PURE EQUALIZER Sebum-Balancing treatment.
  • +23%
    +23% Improvement of skin moisturisation*.
  • -21%
    Production of excess sebum*.
  • In 85% of individuals
    pores, black and white heads are reduced*.
  • -9%
    sebum with the first treatment alone**.
  • 90% of subjects
    report reduced visibility of blemishes and imperfections**.
  • 95% of subjects
    report mattified skin that is no longer shiny**
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