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Hydrating and nourishing

A dual action hydrating and nourishing solution, for all skin types, in all weather conditions.

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Skin needs water, whether you're 20 or 40 years of age, and hydration is the first daily step towards achieving a youthful complexion and slow down skin ageing. 
HYDRA PERFECTION treatments successfully stimulate the skin's natural hydration mechanisms and replenish its water and nutrient reserves.

*Clinical and instrumental tests on Extreme Hydration Cream, Active Hydration Cream and Active Hydration Eye Contour Cream.


To hydrate and nourish all the layers of the skin in all weather conditions*. Because our skin changes with the weather and needs formulas that automatically adapt to various weather conditions. All HYDRA PERFECTION products are rich in Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, which deliver an extreme youth effect from the very first treatment. The skin is quenched and revitalised, the complexion radiant.

Results of Moisturizing facial treatment

*Clinical and instrumental tests on 20 women after the first DIBI MILANO HYDRA PERFECTION treatment - assessed immediately after application.
*Clinical and instrumental tests carried out on 20 women after the first DIBI MILANO HYDRA PERFECTION treatment - assessed one hour after application.
*** Self-assessment tests carried out on beauticians and on 20 people who had the full DIBI MILANO HYDRA PERFECTION treatment.
  • +136%
    Hydration (53% on average)*. Water reserves replenished by more than 50%.
  • +52%
    Firmer skin (26% on average)** from the very first treatment.
  • -56%
    Reduced transepidermal water loss (average -25%)**. Up to more than half of the skin's water is preserved.
  • 100% of women
    said that the treatment was remarkable and that they would recommend it to a friend***.
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Are you ready to take care of your skin? Find out more
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