Hydra perfection  Dibi Milano

Moisturizing and nourishing creams


The hydrating and nourishing line for all skin types, in every climatic condition.

The action

A hydration and nourishment strategy that responds to all of the skin’s needs. For all skin types, from normal to dry, in the various climatic conditions.
The line is suited for young and adult skin, tried and tested by women and men for guaranteed hydration at every level of the skin.

Hydra Perfection preserves and increases the skin’s hydration and at the same time strengthens the hydrolipidic film providing the correct amount of lipids in the stratum corneum.
The formulas of the line were tested at different temperatures and levels of humidity in order to be suitable in every season, in various climates and countries around the world.

The cosmetic products of the line are designed to counter problems linked to the dehydration of the skin. The result guaranteed by the active ingredients contained in the products is: hydrated skin, radiant complexion and a vital face.

*Clinical-instrumental testing conducted on the HYDRA PERFECTION treatment.
**Clinical-instrumental testing conducted on the extreme Hydration Gel and Extreme Hydration Cream.


* Clinical-instrumental tests conducted on 20 women after the 1st HYDRA PERFECTION treatment - immediate assessment after application.
**Clinical-instrumental testing conducted on Extreme Hydration Gel - measurements made 30 minutes after applying the product.
*** Clinical-instrumental testing conducted on Extreme Hydration Cream - measurements made 30 minutes after applying the product.
  • Up to +136%
    hydration (an average of 53%)*. More than 50% water reserves reintegrated.
  • +24%
    Hydration increase in conditions of low temperature and humidity**
  • -22%
    excesshydration in conditions of high temperature and humidity***
  • 100% of users
    have an extremely positive opinion of the products**.